Friday, January 1, 2010

Ethereal Prophecies. (Part 1)

Yar'vis sat over a copy of Electromagnetic Turbulence: Anomalous Particle Flux Induction leafing lightly through the pages. Steam danced wildly from a kettle on the stove and the sound of bacon crackling filled the air. The dim light overhead seemed to flicker for a moment and then suddenly went out.
"Oh heck not again," came a voice from down the hall.
"It's ok Jay, I'll get the conductor," grumbled Yar'vis. "I think I have figured out the problem Jay."
"Oh yea and whats that?" grumbled Jay.
"I think the turbulence from those solar storms at the gate are disrupting the particle accelerators in our conductors, thats why the lights keep going out."
"Well anything we can do about it?" Jay came walking into the room cleaning a thick grease from his hands. Picking up a piece of bacon he said impatiently, "Well?"
As the lights flared back to life, the red emergency lights shut off. Yar'vis came stomping up a ladder from somewhere deep inside the ship.
"I think we may be able to rebuild those shield generators and reverse the magnetism, it may help stop some of the magnetism coming from those storms."
"Sounds good," Jay said hopefully, "damn near impossible for me to get any work done with those lights going out every hour. I think I am going to go crazy if I have to stare at these emergency lights anymore."
"I think the only thing keeping me sane right now is the hope these storms will calm down and we can do what we came here for."
For the last 3 months the Caldari science vessel Chromolous had been orbiting closer and closer to the EVE gate. Funded by the C.S.G.(Caldari State Government) the science vessel was sent to do research on the gate, in hopes they will gain clues to the history of New Eden. Unlike most C.S.G. funded programs the Chromolous had been outfitted with only a few weapons, most cargo space was filled with scouting equipment, sensors and an array of other detection devices. Known for their great military tradition the C.S.G. hopes this endeavor will add renown to their scientific accomplishments.
Jay sat looking out the dark window. Silence crept over the ship, slowly engulfing every corner. Even the hum of the turbines ceased. His heart beat steadily in his chest, seemingly the only thing still alive on the ship. Space was empty behind the ominous white glow of the gate. Lightning storms thousands of miles wide engulfed the entire gate, giving off a brilliant display of flashes coming and going like the ebbing of the waves. Jay wondered if they would ever be able to see the gate more clearly.
"You alright," Yar'vis said breaking the deafening silence.
"Yea man, just wondering what the fuck we are going to do if we ever get to see this thing. I mean everyone who has attempted to get close to it has either been blown to shit by one of those," pointing with his pinky holding his coffee mug, "lighting storms or has come back with an uncorrectable problem. I think when the gate collapsed it opened to another point in space, a violent one."
"I know what you mean," Yar'vis said without hesitation. "But its happening for a reason, and it's our job to find out why."
They both sat again in silence staring out the window, watching what looked like the birth and death of a star happening at once.

"Captain, the last of the scanners has been placed. We now have full 360° of the magnetic storms. It even seems they are getting smaller." The women's voice faded from the intercom.
"Wonderful news, thank you Emisaria" said Yar'vis joyfully. "Hopefully we can launch a few probes closer to the gate and snap a few pictures later this week."
"At this rate sir the storms should only be a few hundred miles wide, maybe even less" came the voice again.
Yar'vis ignored the comment and stared intently at the charts in front of him. Years and years of records lay on the table in front of him. He was attempting to calculate when the storms would be at their weakest and allow him the most time near the gate. His brain was moving a thousand miles an hour it seemed. 'Hmm...' he chuckled, 'these new brain augmentations are working nicely.'
Suddenly a loud bang came from somewhere down the hall, followed my an ear shattering scream. Yar'vis jumped to his feet and sprinted down the hall following the black smoke. As he entered the room he saw a body lying on the floor. Dropping to his knees he noticed a familiar inscription on the neck of the body. Those three letters that had haunted many scientists for hundreds of years, EVE. Rolling the body over he recognized his medical officer, miss Petroxia Tilla. Her face was blank and her eyes closed. Jet black curly hair flowed over her shoulders, rising and falling softly with her breath. Yar'vis picked her up and carried her to the hospital bay.
Unable to awaken Petroxia Yar'vis called Jay into the room.
"What happened?" Jay said horsely.
"I dunno, but you didn't hear that scream?"
"No way man, I was analyzing those magnetic flares that hit one of our drones earlier today, you should see what happened to it."
"I don't give a shit about that drone right now," Yar'vis snapped, "I want to know what the fuck happened to Petroxia!"
Her vitals remained steady over the next few days, she was stuck in a state between a coma and deep sleep. Her dymethyltryptamine levels were way beyond normal, indicating a heavy dream state and her brainwaves were off the charts for somebody in a coma. However nothing they tried would bring her to, so they were forced to wait. Upon further examination of the room Petroxia had been in there were little signs of an explosion as they had initially thought. No burn marks or damage of any kind was made to the ship or Petroxia.
"I guess we have to see what she says when she comes to." said Jay.

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